EWL trainings offers specialized communication consulting and training.



EWL Trainings offers engaging further development courses to support professionals aiming to improve their foreign language proficiency and/or expand their specialized communication skills for a wide variety of industries.  Our courses can be taken through further development institutions or organized as in-house trainings specifically for your company.

We support private clients looking to learn a new language or improve their proficiency by coordinating individual courses with a specially selected instructor to suit their specific needs, interests, and learning style. 

Native speaker proofreading and convenience translation services complement our communication training by helping our clients optimize their written communication.



“I like the casual but professional atmosphere of the lessons. Classes are tailored to the respective expectations and goals of the course participants."

- Stefan H. (HPTP employee)



the right trainer makes all the difference

Our trainers:

  • create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, when our energy is up our participants' energy will be up

  • share their passion for what they teach, when we enjoy the material that excitement transfers to our students

  • follow up with our clients and participants, when we listen to your questions, concerns, and interests we can develop each class to work best for you

  • believe in their methods and teach the way they learn, when we teach the way we would want to be taught our participants benefit the most from our experience

  • encourage and motivate, when we really connect with our students the experience benefits everyone



“[...] a very creative and innovative teacher who knows how to keep each lesson interesting."

- Anton B. (HPTP employee)



a Shared learning EXPERIENCE is the most FULFILLING

The best classes are the ones where we all walk away with new knowledge and ideas, participants and instructors alike.

We are continuously developing our courses and improving our techniques.  Staying engaged with the academic community - through involvement in teaching at universities and higher education institutions - as well as the professional community helps us to ensure that we present the most complete material and provide the most effective learning experience for our clients and students in every class we teach! 



"Challenging topics were presented in the unique way, which you can only experience at a university."

- Manuel A. (FSB course participant)



Collaboration enhances the learninG experience

EWL Trainings collaborates with different specialists to address a wide variety of client needs.  Through this collaboration we are able to provide each of our clients with the most complete, effective, and positive learning experience possible.



"[The trainers] make up a good team."

- Manuel A. (FSB course participant)



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